SB2i Inclinometer

Sensor box with two sensors and two signal amplifiers each with an: 

2 wire 4..20mA 
current output
+/-10 degree
+/-30 degree
+/-70 degree


Special features SB2i


The SB2I sensor box is a pressure-cast aluminum box ( IP65) with integrated sensor for twin axis Inclination or for Acceleration measurement.

The SB2I contains two amplifier parts with 4…20mA output signal possibility, this as 2 separate, 2 wire systems and also as a separate part on the board a high-stable power supply for supplying the actual sensors. The amplifier for the current-loop contains also a low-pass filter for upper frequencies limitation. Rise-time constant as a specific value, + an max. current output limitation, can also be a part of the custom built unit. Supply noise suppression filter and diode bridge for uni-polar liking to the current loop are also a standard part. Sensor and amplifier are galvanic isolated from the housing.

The SB2I box can also be implemented with a special temperature compensation, which means a very high degree of a accuracy on the measuring of inclination and a considerably reduced temperature drift over the whole temperature range, some more better than possible on the Sensor

A strong metal PG cable gland and the solid and compact housing for the whole Sensor box in connection with the2 x 2 wire current-loop output gives al together a high-quality system for use under many types of difficult working conditions.




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